Hello, friend.

This here was born of an earnest desire to stop pretending and embrace the gritty, beautiful, raw, ridiculous, un-glamorous, emotional reality of everyday family life -- both for myself and for my clients.

>>LINK: Babies & Bourbon: you can't mom alone (a personal project) 


You know what I mean, right?

Wearing matching white shirts and khaki pants on a beach at sunset is cool and all (ok, a total lie), but those photos never seem to reflect any real memories back at you -- the stories and details that make up your daily life. Flaws and all.

>>LINK: Humbled by Nature (a personal project)


When I look back at my own family photos, the ones that I treasure the most bring back a flood of detail-rich, almost palpable memories. What it felt like to be there, how we got to that precise moment, what it says about who we were at that place in history. No high heels, no perfect hair, and no carefully scouted sunlit field.

>>LINK: #DADLIFE (a personal project)


I'll be bold here, friend, and tell you: I want the same for you. Because your true story is far, far better than anything we could stage, and it's worth remembering. Just as it is.

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