austin documentary family photographer

Nobody does mornings exactly like you do. Or evenings, either. Or any moment in between. And even though the days seem slow, the character of your days is evolving faster than you can blink.

When you fall onto the couch at the end of a fun family day, which are the moments that make you smile, make you cringe, take your breath away? What will you miss as time flies by and it's hard to remember what life was like back then?

There is no better way to capture the chaos, the beauty, the absurdity, the tenderness, and the precise character of your family's right now than a Day in the Life photo session. These sessions are undirected and documentary in style, and create an intimate, beautiful record of the fabric of your life at this moment in time.

Day in the Life sessions last 10-12 hours (Half-Day sessions last 4-6) and take place in and around your family's home and favorite local haunts. Together we will create a visual history of your life's current rhythm, quirks and moments. One that will allow you to evoke this period years down the road, when the first-hand memory has faded.

Custom packages are created upon consultation, but may include an heirloom, archival-quality photo album, custom wall art, classic prints, or digital files.

Day-in-the-Life stories start at $975. Half-Days start at $750.


You know that thing that y'all do, that feels so perfectly iconic for your family? Your beloved weekly trip to the ice cream parlor. The annual Polar Bear Splash at Barton Springs. Weekday bath and bedtime. Sunday morning coffee and ramp races at Tom's. Mud pies and pizza pies at Jester King.

Or what about that once-in-a-lifetime experience you know you'll never want to forget? Taking your daughter to meet the new baby at the hospital. Welcoming him home after his first day of kindergarten. Cutting your own Christmas tree. Painting a mural on the garage door.

How rad would it be to have a beautiful set of photographs that tell the story of this experience?

Snapshot sessions last up to two hours and capture a specific, meaningful happening in your family's story.

Custom packages are created upon consultation, but may include an heirloom photos album, custom wall art, classic prints, or digital files.

90 minute sessions start at $375.


Momming is an all-consuming, unforgettable job, right? And we all have 50 iPhone photos a day of our children being amazing. But go ahead and scroll through your camera roll (I'll wait). How many are there of you with the little ones, actually doing your superhero thing, mama? As a mother myself, one of my fears is leaving no visual record of my time with my children. 

How will they know what you looked like? How you interacted? Will they even remember the way you played dress up or rubbed their backs? How you cried the first time they met? How you sat on the floor and read books to help them poop? 

Do yourself -- and your children -- a favor. Set aside your excuses and get in the frame with them. You will love the proof of your love and hard work, and they will thank you when they're grown.

Motherhood sessions last up to 90 minutes and capture the tender, funny, personal connection between you and your children with honesty. The beauty is in the reality.

Motherhood sessions start at $275.