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Dear mamas with babies:

Thanks so much for your willingness to spend a few minutes. Let’s start with a quick background. Some of you may know that as of 2019, I’ve more-or-less eliminated short sessions from my offerings, focusing instead on full Day in the Life (DITL) sessions (also some half-day sessions). The long format is positively glorious, and such a beautiful way to honor a family’s current season of life. When repeated annually or at some regular interval, the value grows even further.


Babies grow and change so freaking fast, don’t they? What’s the right time for a DITL? When baby is a newborn? Learning to sit? Starting solids? Learning to walk?? It’s all so sweet and so different.

So I’m thinking of offering something special for families with a child under two years old: a program I’m tentatively calling ONE BIG YEAR.

Families would choose a 6- or 12-hour option, and spread those hours of documentary family photography out over the course of a full year. Fancy quarterly sessions? Great! Each is three hours. Prefer more time, less frequency? Awesome. three sessions, four hours a piece. What about just a summer and winter option? Sure — two half-day-in-the-life sessions, coming right up. For the six-hour option, divide your hours by two, and you’ve got yourself a plan.

But like I said above: this is just an idea at this point, so I need your input! Please complete the quick survey below. Feel free to do it anonymously, or include your name & contact info for an automatic 10% off your 2019 photo package (no strings tho!)

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Have you ever considered / would you consider booking a Day / Half Day in the Life session for your family? *
As the parent of a baby/toddler, does a "One Big Year" type option appeal to you more or less than a traditional DITL? *
If offered the flexibility to spread your 12 hours (or six hours) over the course of a baby's first year, how would you divide the time? *
Let's talk money. Would you prefer to pay for the whole shebang up front, or in (interest-free) installments? *
Day in the Life session packages come with all full-resolution digital negatives, as well as a large, hardcover, heirloom photo book. What final products would you want to walk away with from a "One Big Year" engagement? *
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