I am Aleksandra Gajdeczka (say it with me: guy-DETCH-ka), a family photojournalist and Jane-of-all-trades in Austin, Texas. 

When I'm not hiding from my children in the bathroom or searching for the sock the dryer swallowed, you'll probably find me out on a scarcely-planned adventure with my two wild blond cherubs (we never forget extra pants), laughing my ass off as they question a stranger about why half of her hat is missing (it's called a visor) or march up to the bartender demanding a beer (they're four and two).

I excel at starting new craft and home projects, but not so much finishing them. I love learning new skills, cooking, camping, and any kind of outdoor fun. I make photos because I believe that real life is too breathtaking to forget, and the everyday is important to celebrate and record for the future. I adore whiskey, the ocean, my camera, and my family -- not necessarily in that order. I share this crazy life with my heartthrob husband, two little ones, and two delicious pit bull dogs. And I'll rarely turn down a salt-and-vinegar potato chip.

Wanna collaborate, see my take on your life, or just be friends? Contact me!

hello@aleks-gajdeczka.com or 512 900 0718


babies & bourbon: you can't mom alone

motherhood makes us lose all sense of solitude and independence. young children have a way of seeping into every aspect of life. for the most part, it's adorable, hilarious, and infectious. but we've all had those days when we wish we could eat a sandwich sitting down or go to the bathroom in peace.

this series of self-portraits explores one mama's real moments in mothering two small children who are always underfoot, and trying to do so with humor and humility.

humbled by nature: where child + earth collide

there's something awe-inspiring about children digging deep into their environment and immersing themselves in the glories of nature. at least until it's time to clean up.

this collection chronicles the exploration, wonder, and mess that comes with setting my two children loose in the wild.


honestly y'all, i scored big. not only does my honey lawyer all day and kick ass at work, he brings his awesome home to dad (and husband) like a pro. and just like everything else in our world, #dadlife is funny, absurd, adorable, and unforgettable.

this project is an ongoing tribute to my love's journey through fatherhood, as seen through my eyes.