7 Reasons Austin Families are Booking Day in the Life Sessions with Aleks

She’s three years in, and Aleks Gajdeczka’s signature Day in the Life sessions

are revolutionizing “family photography” for Austin families.

We did a little digging, and found out WHY:

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1. Life is Too Good for Boring Photos

Parents who embrace their children’s unique individuality are looking for MORE from their family photos than just a reminder of what everyone looked like. They’re seeking a vibrant record of the personalities, relationships, mannerisms, and habits that make them who they are.

austin day in the life photographer

2. A Bit of Affirmation Feels Damn Good

When you’re in the grind, it’s hard to step away for a breath and see how beautiful, connected, and full of riches your family life is – especially when you’re at the center of it all. Aleks’s signature Day in the Life collections serve as a permanent and tangible reminder that life is, indeed, art.

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3. For an Unparalleled Experience

Aleks is Austin’s only dedicated Day in the Life photographer, and a multi-time international award-winner, too. With a perfect 5.0 rating on Yelp, Google, and Facebook, it’s clear that Austin families love their Day in the Life sessions! 

austin day in the life photographer

4. It’s Easy Like Sunday Morning

Most common feedback Aleks receives? How chill and easy the whole thing is: “It is her kind, witty, warm and reassuring presence that allowed us to surrender to an experience that was indeed picture perfect.” Without power struggles, awkward poses, or matchy clothes, it’s hard to ever go back to the “norm.”


5. It’s an Investment in Family History

Families who work hard to cultivate their connections, traditions, and experiences want to honor and savor these times before they’re a distant memory. The value of documentary photographs that portray a family’s true story increases with time -- for this generation and those to come.  

austin family photographer

6. Because Quality Matters

Make no mistake: testing every major photo book on the market took Aleks years of work. But she’s done it, and now confidently offers — hands down — THE premier handcrafted-in-USA, heirloom photo book to all her clients. She obsesses over the quality of her work so that you don’t have to.

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7. No Hard Choices - No Joke!

Who wants to be inundated with decisions when they can just have it all? Over the years, Aleks has cultivated the perfect sweet+simple Day in the Life package. Your heirloom photo book + all your digital images. No fuss, no upsell, no bother. And with interest-free payment plans up to 12 months, the cost ain’t a factor, either.



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