Day in the Life Photography

Nobody has weekends quite as big as yours. And even though the days seem crazy, there is tenderness and connection to your wild days that is fleeting — faster than you can blink.

When you fall onto the couch at the end of a day full of adventure, which are the moments that make you smile, make you cringe, take your breath away? What will you miss as time flies by and it's hard to remember what life was like back then?

What’s the next big thing you’re so looking forward to, that you can’t bear to remember it by crappy iphone photos alone?

There is no better way to capture your family's right now than a Day in the Life photo session. These sessions are largely undirected and documentary in style, and create an intimate, beautiful record of the fabric of your life at this moment in time.

Day in the Life sessions take place wherever the wind may blow your rambling heart. Sessions have taken me as far as Los Angeles and as close as a mud pie bakery in the back yard.

Together we will create a visual history of your life's current rhythm, quirks and moments. One that will allow you to evoke this period years down the road, when the first-hand memory has faded.

All-inclusive Day-in-the-Life sessions (shooting + digital negatives + heirloom photo book) packages start at $1875.

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Every Family Has a Story: Financial Aid Program

While every family has a story to tell, not every family has the means to hire a photographer for a full day to document their story. The Every Family Has a Story program was born of the desire to level the playing field for families who are overtaxed, underrepresented, or have a particularly important or compelling story.

Every Family sessions are merit-based, limited in availability, and operate on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.