February (a 365 project)

February. What a month. Judging from the child nudity in these photos (and in my real life), you'd guess this month closed out the hottest winter on record in Austin. Oh wait. It did. In hot pursuit of each other and the proverbial family glory, both kids learned to ride a balance bike. It's frightening and wonderful how well a little competition works on them. We ditched diapers once and for all. Went to E's first movie. Studied a sunbathing raccoon. Reveled in the magic of a beloved preschool tradition. Swang, swam, and skied outside, all within a week of each other. And seriously upped the ante of our bedtime insanity.

This 365 project attempts to capture a little slice of each day of 2017. Babies don't keep, after all, and the months just keep rolling by.