A morning with the Lambert girls - austin family photography

If you've never heard the Loudon Wainwright III song "Daughter," you should go listen now. I'll wait. Every time I spend time with a family of girls, this song runs through my head.

I first met Iyla when she and my own daughter were in the same infant swim class, 3+ years ago. It's fun being back in touch. Our girls share a passion for swimming, imaginative play, flouncy dresses, and running wild outside.

Iyla now has a baby sister, Eloise, who is obviously some kind of genius. I kid you not -- this tiny, eight-month-old thing poops on the pot. The highest marker of intelligence, right? But also: Eight. Months. Old. What. The. Hell. Right??

Clearly, mama Jules is doing something right. These girls are both damned adorable, totally adoring of their mother and each other. Mornings in their home are peaceful, gentle, and full of sweetness. Here's a little peek at our time together last week.