A day in the life with Finn - Austin family storytelling photographer

Every time I come home from a session -- even a 12-hour marathon that leaves me wanting for nothing but a good night's sleep -- I immediately download my files and do a quick glance to see what jumps out at me.

After last month's Day in the Life with Kelly, Clark, and little Finn, it was this image, right away.

Surprised? Let me explain.

This family is supermodel beautiful, yes. Their session was full of gorgeous moments and beautiful light, yes. But what will define this period in time for them when they look back on life with 22-month-old Finny? Exactly this. The teamwork. The tenderness. The exhaustion. The balancing act and all-consuming nature of family life with a toddler boy who is as dynamic and passionate as he is cherubic and delicious.

The day we spent together happened to be Clark's birthday, so in addition to their usual weekend activities -- reading, park adventures, sandbox play -- Kelly sprinkled in a few special birthday surprises, including a crawfish boil (Clark's favorite) and a birthday cake with a surfer riding a rainbow (Clark's other favorite).

Anybody who has parented a toddler knows it requires a hella lotta patience, but yields the reward of a hella lotta adorable. This day was no exception.

Here are a few moments from a day in their life.

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