365-ish: On making time because it's worth it.

Confession: I've been busy with client work. So busy that for the past month or two, I've fallen off the wagon of my 365 project (so diligently tracked here: January, February, March, April).

What began as a challenge to myself morphed into an incredible journal of would-be forgotten moments that instead are lingered upon (already! after only a few short months!) and cherished. When I comb through them, I'm instantly in awe of my daughter's tender, nurturing spirit. My son's wild, long curls. My husband's ability to inspire their zaniest shrieks of laughter. The quality of light in my bedroom on a warm January afternoon as we lay down to quietly read a book together.

Have I continued to take family photos in May, June, July, even as the ritual of picking up my camera daily has fallen by the wayside? Of course. But when it's not a mandate, I tend to be more discretionary. I record the extraordinary moments. The outings. The hilarity. What tumbles away is the ordinary and mundane, but equally beautiful.

It's mid July, and I'm recommitting, in a way. Maybe a daily photo and a timestamp on each isn't in the stars, but I'm stepping back up to the plate. The humble beauty of our daily interactions won't go unnoticed and unremembered.

And you, friend? It's not too late for you, either. Grab that iPhone, that point-and-shoot, or that fancy DSLR, and do it yourself. Make the time to record not just the milestones that stake out our years, but the little moments that give character to your everyday. When nostalgia, inspiration, and budget allow, invite your favorite photographer into your home to capture these fleeting times with her artful eye and skilled hand. 

As for us, here's how our July is going so far.