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What would you give for just one more picture of little-kid-you and your still-young mom, playing together in your childhood home?

[note: all watermarked images in this blog post were made by the illustrious Elaine Baca of Lane B Photography in Waxahachie at my family's very own March Day in the Life session]

[note: all watermarked images in this blog post were made by the illustrious Elaine Baca of Lane B Photography in Waxahachie at my family's very own March Day in the Life session]

What about another photo of just little you, fake-smiling for the camera?

austin documentary family photographer

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No comparison between the two above, right? The former gives us a rush of memory, detail, and connection, whereas the second – cute and all – not so much.

And yet.

Most of us parents spend our good time, money, and iPhone storage making zillions of photos of our own little ones’ smiling faces, and do our damnest to STAY. OUT. OF. THE. PHOTO.

But WHY?

Just kidding: you don’t have to tell me why, I already know! You look too old. You always feel/look awkward in photos. You haven’t lost that baby weight. You want to wait until your kid grows out of that phase that makes you roll your eyes uncontrollably.

austin documentary family photographer

And it’s not just about you – it’s about your stuff, too. Your place is a mess. You want to wait until you repaint the chipping trim in the house. You want to wait until the baby can sit up. You want to wait until your new revolutionary wrinkle cream kicks in. You want to wait until you have more time. You want to wait until things are different.

Friend, I’ve been there (actually as I write this, I've just received photos back from my very own Day-in-the-Life photo session and am BEYOND thrilled to have them -- more on that in a future blog post).

So. Here are three quick exercises to reset your brain and prepare you to GET IT DONE!

1      Go dig up an old photo from when you were little, and look at your mom. Ain’t she beautiful? Youthful? Familiar? Do you find yourself looking for traces of yourself in her? Doesn’t it feel great to see you and her together when you were as small as your kids are now?

austin documentary family photographer

2      Find a photo of yourself from ten years ago. Damn! You look hot in that pic – RIGHT?! Ten years from now you’ll feel the same way about pics from right now. Truth. That fear/vanity is a moving target, for better or worse.

3      Ponder this: which is changing faster, your toddler or your big DIY home improvement project? Yeah, I thought so. The danger of waiting until the house / your weight / your kid is perfect is that you’ll miss out on what’s happening right now.

austin family photojournalist

We all have a long-ass list of things we’d like to get done before we have our photo taken. But in five years (after you’ve started working out more, figured out a sustainable system for getting laundry put away, and weaned your kids off Fruit Loops – naturally), some of the tiny truths that comprise your every day TODAY will gone. Your baby will be a toddler. Your toddler won’t sniff your shirt for comfort anymore. Your first grader’s teeth will have grown in. Your pre-teen will be too cool to read together before bed.

Things change, quick as a blink. While we’re staring into that cursed 5x magnifying mirror with frustration, life is happening. And life includes US.

So do yourself – and your children – a favor, and get the photos made, before everything changes. And make sure you’re in the frame!

austin family photojournalist

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