Seizing opportunity / FALL SESSION SALE

When and where are you at your best? As an individual? What about as a parent?

What’s the VERY BEST THING about your current work / life situation? What’s the BIGGEST CHALLENGE?


Do you feel like you’re good at seizing opportunities when they show up, or MAKING opportunities for yourself?

For me, I’m at my best in the wilderness, exploring – this goes for both on my own and as a parent (especially as a parent). The very best thing about being a self-employed photographer is the flexibility (and the insight into the worlds of others). The biggest challenge is the same thing – not always being able to predict when I’ll be busy and when I’ll be slow. As for seizing opportunity: this is the interesting one. I’m impulsive and impractical, and – when it comes down to it – pretty optimistic that everything will work out just fine.

And so. When the opportunity to toss my two preschoolers, my pit bull dog, and my own self into a car and drive 14 hours to a cabin in the mountains in Central Colorado for 5 weeks this summer arose, I grabbed on.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? (Don’t answer that)

austin documentary family photographer

But I got to thinking: this could be really awesome if I can make myself just UNPLUG.

You know what I’m talking about, right? As a small business owner, it’s hard to turn your work-brain off, even when you’re in the mountain paradise of Salida, Colorado with your family (minus poor husband, who will be in Austin working).

austin documentary family photographer

But then a brilliant idea struck. If I’m basically taking the summer off, I’ve gotta fill my fall calendar NOW.


austin documentary family photographer

Book your September or October session by May 31, and get a Full Day-in-the-Life at a Half-Day price. Or a Half-Day session at a Two-Hour price. Or finally, a Two-Hour session for a One-Hour price.

A limited number of discount sessions is available, so jump on it while you can!

Contact me for details.