A Weekend in New Orleans

Some cities are just magical, right? Like this one. You might drop by Cafe du Monde for beignets for breakfast, see a historic paddleboat set off for a cruise down the Mississippi, watch an artist handmake the most gorgeous feathered Mardi Gras mask, have a sword drawn on you by a all-too-realistic pirate before noon, dine on incredible Vietnamese at a tiny, tucked-out-of-the-way spot, ride the streetcar to Audobon Park (home of the world’s most spectacular oak trees), take part in a magic show at Jackson Square, and stumble upon a street party featuring a dozen life-size dinosaurs dancing to Lady Gaga — and that’s all without getting in a car.

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Every time we go, we think: WHY DO WE NOT DO THIS MORE OFTEN?

To tell the truth, we hadn’t been since my daughter was just a baby. Is New Orleans even fun with kids, you might ask?

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Per my daughter (5.5 — native Austinite and lover of all things home/neighborhood): “New Orleans is WAY funner than Austin, mama!

Per my son (almost 4 — lover of everything, surprised by nothing): “This place is the craziest place I’ve ever been at!”

Granted, for these two even hide-and-seek in the hotel room is a mountain of fun.

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austin family photojournalist

New Orleans is a place of incredible visual interest. The rich history of the city is visually stunning and drapes everything in layer upon layer of texture, depth, and grit. As a photographer, it made my heart skip a beat every time we rounded a corner.

And yet. As a family member on a family trip, I practiced great restraint — keeping my camera in my bag for the most part so that I could be a part of the experience, rather than simply an observant documentarian.

It’s a struggle us photographer parents — and hell, ALL parents — are all familiar with. And it got me thinking:

How cool would it be to bring a photographer along on a family weekend getaway?

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austin documentary family photographer
austin best family photographer

If you could bring a photographer along with you — anywhere with you — this year, where would it be, and why?

What kind of freedom would this afford you, and what would you hope to gain?

Have you considered this in the past? What has held you back?

Answer me in earnest, and who knows — maybe serendipity will prevail, and something magical will happen.