Plunging in to 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve made a resolution for 2019 about being more daring. More truthful. More yourself.

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What about a resolution to be a better memory-keeper for your family? To organize and print your photos, to hand the iPhone to others and ask THEM To take the photo for once, to finally learn to use your fancy camera?

How about one to embrace and be kind to your real self, and let go of a former self that just isn’t relevant anymore?

Or at the very least, one to slow down, appreciate the little things, love what you have instead of pining after what you don’t?

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Now. Of course I’m not ballsy enough to suggest to you that a Day in the Life session will solve all of your resolution problems, but I will put out there this testimonial from a 2018 client of mine:

“What I expected least but appreciate most about the Day in the Life experience was the confidence it helped me feel about our family, our parenting, and our overall life.

Looking at the photos Aleks took during what felt like a pretty humble, boring day, I’m amazed at how many moments of joy, connection and just plain silliness happened.

In “real life” days fly by so fast that we get to the end, thirstily chug a glass of wine, and wonder what happened. Did I really talk to my sons today? Did we connect physically? Did we slow down at all, to enjoy each other? And my truthful answer is that I don’t know.

But on this one day – our Day in the Life – I have definitive proof that all these sweet moments (and more) did happen. And if they happened on this one day (and I have the sweetest, most tender and funny photographs to prove it) then I can extrapolate that more generally, I’m a good mom.

The gift of knowing you’re a good mom. Is there anything greater?  I can say without hesitation that a Day in the Life with Aleks is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. One I’ll continue to enjoy and appreciate for decades, even more than I already do today.”

As for me, you know I’m making all the resolutions above, on top of the usual ones about exercise, alcohol, and keeping in touch with family and friends.  So I’ll leave you with this photo, taken during the 2019 Barton Springs Polar Bear Plunge on January 1.

 This is my real self, y’all. Shedding my armor, putting on my best bravery, embracing the little things, and jumping in to the new year.

austin best family photographer

Happy 2019 to you all!