Why I OPTED OUT this week

Well hello, Cyber Shopper!

I'm dropping by to give you a tiny break from all those amazing deals on the internet, and share a SUPER EXCITING secret with you (scroll all the way down for that, friend).

It’s not that I don’t want your business. Because I do – I really do. More than almost anything, friend, I want you to have your very own Day in the Life photo session next year, so that you may always look back upon the quiet triumphs, losses, minutiae, tenderness, and humor of your everyday life – and that you may do so with the kind of vivid memory that only a photograph can spur.

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This flashy Thanksgiving-related sale stuff? It’s just not for me. And here’s why:

  • I don’t want you to impulse-buy your Day in the Life session. Yes, it’s an investment, and a little off the top would help (keep scrolling for a big opportunity if this is your jam). But the families that get the most out of their documentary photo experience are the ones who have taken the time to think, reflect, and plan. It’s not the kind of thing you pull the trigger on impulsively. When you’re ready, let’s open the dialogue. There’s no pressure here, friend.

  • Flashy sale emails ANNOY THE CRAP outta me. How many emails have you gotten from various vendors, offering an amazing deal on shoes, memberships, software, kids clothes, your hotel spa package? Somewhere between a zillion and a squillion for me. Enough already. Simply put, I didn’t want to contribute to the frenzy.

  • My people OPT OUT. It’s not that we’re too good for a great deal or anything, but these days we’re working damn hard to help the children value experiences over things, togetherness over toys. So over Thanksgiving, my family has itself some FULL DAYS. Thursday is all day cooking and eating. Friday we hit a state park as part of the #optoutside movement. Saturday and Sunday are quiet days at home, reading by the fire, riding bikes down the street, catching up with dear friends. We try our very best not to step foot in a store or get locked in to a good-deal hunt on the internet. We also try to be together, rather than work. I could’ve put together a clever sale campaign for you this weekend, but I chose to opt out -- and opt outside -- instead.

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Now. I do have a little deal for you, though it’s more about CONNECTION and REFLECTION and TOGETHERNESS than about scoring a great price on a new –whatever—during Cyber Week.

If you’re contemplating / curious about a Day in the Life Session, check this out:

Here's how to earn $200 off your 2019 session (act now, redeem anytime)

1. Join my email list HERE.

2. Send me an email (you can just hit “reply” to your first email) with answers to the following questions:

-WHY would you like to have a DITL in 2019 / what draws you about this type of photography?

-What is one favorite / fleeting thing about each of your children that you wish you could hold on to forever?

-What do you see yourself DOING with the collection of photos we make together?

That’s it. No commitment, no contract. Simply reply with your answers TODAY, and I’ll put you on my special list. When you’re ready to book down the road (anytime in 2019), your discount will be waiting for you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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