HHMS 2019



They grow up fast, and when they do, they'll come searching for THESE photos of their childhood.


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Welcome, parents of HHMS students! You've landed in the right place. All proofing and ordering are handled online through our secure ordering site. You may find the FAQs here useful to read before placing your order - they really are quite enlightening!

Remember: if you are anxious to have your child’s beautiful photos in hand right away, your best bet to select digital copies. The files download immediately, and I will follow up with my favorite local and online print labs.

The deadline to place your order is MONDAY, April 8.

Scroll down and click on the gallery of your choice. You will be immediately redirected to the correct private, password-protected gallery. (NOTE: in case you've forgotten, the password for the galleries is: Laguna)

**NEW THIS YEAR: All families who place an order over $50 will receive a complimentary class photo**

I'd greatly appreciate the use of your child's photos for my portfolio. If you're willing and able to spend 4.5 seconds, please sign this model release.

If you have further questions, please email me at hello@aleks-gajdeczka.com. You can follow me on instagram, check me out on facebook here, join my monthly email list here, and you can learn more about family documentary photo sessions here.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: These images are captured in a very short time period with your child. Due to the school schedule, I have just 1-2 minutes with each student. I do my best to capture a variety of expressions and conjure authenticity from your son or daughter during this time. Some children are naturally more comfortable than others when it comes to photographs. I do not believe in asking a child to "perform" just for the sake of capturing the expected image. Rather, I do my best to engage with each child, make them comfortable, and help them enjoy our brief time together. All photos are made with the goal of being "real" -- who they are in that moment. I hope you enjoy these images of your gorgeous babies!

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